On this page, users can query the trait-related eRNA by multiple options.

1. Select a species , tissue and trait from the drop-down list.

2. Enter either: an eRNA ID or a genomic region or a gene ID.

3. Click the 'Query' button!

Select Species:
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Select Trait:
Enter an eRNA ID: (e.g., chr13:15113803-15119803)
Enter a Genomic Region: (e.g., chr2:90000000-100000000)
Enter a Gene ID: (e.g., ENSMUSG00000049940) or (e.g., PGRMC2)
Species BioProject Tissue eRNA ID Trait FC/F/Rho FDR Plot
mouse PRJNA471297 Liver chr13:15113803-15119803 gender -1.51 3.62e-5